Alef List: Passover Edition

First things first: yes, that’s tiramatzah that you’re looking at. I’ve had matzah lasagna before but never tiramatzah. Guess I’ll have to hunt down a recipe. But you didn’t come here for food notes – you came here for a list of the hottest events from our calendar for the next two weeks. So here it is…
The Alef List from March 23 – April 5:
There’s only a few short days left to enjoy a nice, frosty beer before Pesach begins, so why not enjoy one with the Minneapolis Jewish Federation’s Young Leadership? They’ll be heading to Jimmy’s in Minnetonka for this month’s happy hour. Be sure to find Barb if it’s your first time at one of their HH’s and she’ll make sure you get a free beer or glass of wine – more importantly, she’ll make sure you’re not the awkward one standing off to the side because you don’t know anybody.  But that would never happen, right?
Passover starts on Monday evening (you knew that right? Good, just checking). I hope that everybody who wants to already has plans to be at a seder table. If you still haven’t exactly figured out what you’re doing, now would be the time to do so! Not sure where you’re going yet? Check out Leora’s post about finding a seder in Minnesota. There’s a good list for 1st and 2nd night options. And, please don’t be afraid to contact one of the local synagogues if you’re looking for a family-style seder but either can’t or won’t be with your own family.
Join Mt. Zion for Soul Food Friday. A Passover-friendly dinner starts at 7:30 and Kabbalat Shabbat service follows at 8:15. TC Jewfolk’s Noshin’ columnist Sara Rice plans to be there, so be sure to say “hi.” (Sara’s been bugging me for a while to come to a Soul Food Friday – they sound really fun!).
Save the Date:
4/8/10: The Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival kicks off with an opening night party. We’ll be there! (TC Jewfolk is a media sponsor).
Hosting an upcoming event that you think should make the Alef List? Email me ([email protected]) with “Alef List” in the subject line and let me know!
(Photo: oskay)