What the Bleep? This Week's News

A lot of crazy #&#%$* happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on Obama’s snub to Bibi, Minnesota’s AJW rips on Israel, the Hasidic Lady Gaga, Eric Cantor on health care, fake matzah, and Amy Winehouse naming her, um, well….
1. Representative Eric Cantor to Dems: Shut Up, Bitches. Heeb. I don’t even need to describe that article. I know you’re going to click on it. It’s that good. And &%$*#ed up.
2. Israeli Rabbis warn about fake Passover Matzah. Um, really? It’s bad enough that we eat the stuff for 7 days. Now we have to be wary of whether it’s “fake” kosher? Puhlease.
3. “Jerusalem 1o1.” AJW online. The American Jewish World (AJW) is Minnesota’s only Jewish newspaper. What I don’t get is why its Editor is so critical of Israel’s newest move to build Jewish homes in an Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem. Why is the Editor of our only local Jewish newspaper opining negatively on an issue that only recently even became debatable and really has nothing to do with peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Jews should be able to live wherever they want, just like Arabs and Christians and Hindus should be able to as well. And if Jews can’t build homes in a Jewish neighborhood (about 181,000 Jews, 229, 000 Arabs in East Jerusalem in 2006- this isn’t a tiny Jewish cluster people), where are they supposed to build them? I’m a little hot about this article, as you can see. If the AJW is going to claim to represent the entire Jewish community, don’t you think their editor’s op-ed should be a little more balanced? Or at least do a point-counterpoint thing? I’m pissed. WTF.
4. Binyamin Netanyahu humiliated after Barack Obama ‘dumped him for dinner’. Times Online. Or as Jewcy described it, Barack treated Bibi like a ho. Seriously? Prez Obama WTF? I mean, I bet our Prez would have treated the head of the Palestinian Authority, or Ahmadinejad better than that. &%#^$*. No wonder Capital J is wondering whether Obama is alienating Jewish voters?
5. VaJew-Jew; Amy Winehouse Names Her Vagina. Heeb. Okay, it’s a bit TMI. But it’s hilarious.
6. The Hasidic Lady Gaga Cover Band. Heeb. There are few cooler things in the world than a bunch of Hasidic Jews changing the words and rocking out to Lady Gaga. I don’t know what is about her music that makes Jews turn it into funny youtube videos (have you seen “Kosher Face?“). Check this one out.


(Photo: Pres. Obama on the Phone with Prime Minister Netanyahu, 6/2009)