Poets with Chutzpah: Celebrating National Poetry Month on TC Jewfolk

There is no way to explain what it means to be a “Jewish” poet. Or a poet who happens to be Jewish. Or a poet who scats to a Jewish beat.
Jewish poets have won the Pulitzer Prize and Grammy Awards. Their work is written in Hebrew, English, and every other language you can think of. Their words are of peace, anger, love, hope, fear, sorrow and every other emotion. The list of writers is infinite, especially when you include generations of poets from King Solomon to Bob Dylan.
So, in honor of National Poetry Month, which kicked off on April 1st, instead of trying to explain what Jewish poetry is, TC Jewfolk will try to give you a taste of some of our favorite Jewish poets with Chutzpah. Once a week for the next four weeks we will profile a different Jewish poet and give you a look at his/her edgy, different, revolutionary or remarkable work. As always, we encourage you to share your thoughts, opinions and inspirations in the comments.

Our First Jewish Poet with Chutzpah?

Stay tuned tomorrow for poet, actress, and comedianne Yael Miriam. Locals will know her as Yael Silverman.