Help Nechama Mop Up Rhode Island! (Volunteers & Donations Wanted)

Eagle Squre in Providence Rhode Island after flooding on March 31, 2010

For those of you (like me) who can sometimes live in a Minnesota bubble, you may have missed the news that several counties in Rhode Island are under water.
Flooding in Rhode Island is the worst in 200 years, shutting down the state’s major I-95 highway, and flooding, damaging or destroying homes and businesses. Over 200,000 people have been affected, over 13,000 requests to FEMA have been taken for financial assistance, and over 300 home owners have requested emergency assistance with the United Way to help make their homes habitable again.

Luckily, the Twin Cities-based Jewish disaster organization NECHAMA is headed East.

NECHAMA (Hebrew for comfort) is this nation’s only Jewish disaster response organization. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit has deployed thousands of volunteers to help communities clean-up after floods, tornados, and other natural disasters. (Read TC Jewfolk’s profile of NECHAMA from September 2009).

Want to join the crew heading to Rhode Island to do flood clean up? Here’s a message from NECHAMA:

We at NECHAMA are deploying to Rhode Island through the beginning of May. In the 3 short days that we have been there, we have already clean and restored 5 homes to these home owners.  We have many more to do and with more volunteers, we can accomplish more!
We need volunteers to come out and work with us for a couple of days to a week!  Housing and food have been taken care of for anyone who has travelled to the area by the RI Federation and JCC.  They have been fabulous, welcoming and offering everything and anything to help NECHAMA.
If you are able to travel to this area, please start thinking about your schedules, if you are unable to travel, remember that financial help is appreciated also. We have estimated that this one deployment will cost NECHAMA $25,000 or greater. Your donations will help us restore hope to those who have been hit the hardest!
You can donate on line to NECHAMA BY clicking here to donate. If you want to volunteer, please contact Amy [email protected] or 763 286 6969 or go to our website Thanks!