What the Bleep? This week's hot Jewish news

A lot of crazy #&#%$* happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: a Florida thief blames the Holocaust, a hot new Muslim comedy about a Jew, Israel’s sex trade, crunchy Jewy food, and a Shabbat “I Got a Feeling.”
1. The “Hide and Hoard” Defense: Blame the Holocaust Survivors. Heeb. A Florida big time thief (um… 10 million dollars stashed in foreign accounts) blames his family’s tendency to hoard food during the Holocaust for his personality disorder. Classy.
2. The hot new comedy movie “The Infidel” is slowly making its way to Midwest theaters (we hope). You can see it in England, and it was showing at NYC’s Tribeca Film Festival this week. It’s a comedy about a Muslim who discovers that he’s actually a Jew. Watch the trailer here. Here’s a review/interview from NYC’s Daily BeastTC Daily Planet says you might be able to watch the movie On Demand through your cable provider. I’ll let you know if we learn about any Midwest showings.


3. Because We Were Slaves: Israel’s Sex Trade. Jewlicious. An impressive article, and far more serious than Jewlicious’ usual fare. Don’t miss it.
4. AJWS starts line of kosher fair trade products. The Fundermentalist. It’s about time – why should we have to pick between being crunchy and Jewy? And is Magen Tzedek next?
5. If you didn’t think the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Got a Feeling” was Jewish enough (more Mazel Tovs and L’Chaims in that song than in any other pop hit I’ve ever heard), here’s an a cappella version that will have your bubbe kvelling.