What the Bleep?! This Week's hot Jewish News

A lot of crazy %$@# happened in the Jewish world this week. Don’t miss these stories on: Israeli gays and their surrogates, the GOP and DFL endorsements for governor, a Torah heist in Brooklyn, Rabbi Schmuley and the Pope, and Obama on Jerusalem.
1. Why Israeli Gays Opt for U.S. Surrogate Births. MinnPost/GlobalPost. Fascinating. And totally ridiculous that Israeli law doesn’t allow surrogate births. Anyone know – is that just for gays or for any couples?
2. Minnesota’s Republican Party endorses Tom Emmer and the Minnesota DFL endorses Margaret Anderson Kelliher for the Governor’s Race. Okay. There’s nothing Jewish in that. I admit it. But the next Governor’s race is going to affect a lot of Jews. That’s enough for this week’s “What the Bleep” in my book.
3. Obama Doesn’t Get Jerusalem. Jewlicious. Rabbi Yonah tells it like it is. Weigh in the comments here folks.
4. Our Top 3 Suspects in Brooklyn Torah Heist. Jewcy. Who the F— steals a Torah?
5. Rabbi Shmuley Tells Pope Shabbat Dinners Will Stop Priests From Diddling. Jewcy. Hmm… or perhaps priests should just be allowed to have normal romantic relationships like rabbis do?
(Photo: Wikipedia)