We are your electronic gizmo (take that AJW)

So… this week the American Jewish World (Minnesota’s Jewish print newspaper) made a promise to its aging readership that it would never get hip to the 21st century.
In an editorial in the AJW’s April 30th edition, Editor Mordecai Specktor stated:

We have no plans to port the AJW to the iPhone or the iPad or any electronic gizmo. . .
Basically, we believe that there is a window of opportunity still for this newspaper that dates back to 1912. . . . This is your Jewish newspaper.
(emphasis added)

I’ll leave it to you to ponder whether there is a window of opportunity in Minnesota’s Jewish community for the AJW. As they say in journalism, no comment.
What I want to take issue with is Mordecai’s statement that instead of learning how to channel modern technology – computers, iPhones, iPads, etc, – to disseminate Jewish news to our community, the AJW, Minnesota’s only Jewish print newspaper, is opting out.
But why shun technology?
If someone could tell me how to create a TC Jewfolk podcast, I would make one.
If someone could buy me an iPad and teach me how to make TC Jewfolk’s content most-readable on that platform, I would learn.
Our generation knows all about learning and adapting to new technologies – in our schools, in business, in pop culture, and in society. There’s truth to the statement that the most successful people and organizations are those that can see changing times, learn new skills and apply their knowledge to a more complicated (and exciting) world.
TC Jewfolk is not alone in harnessing the web to bring Jewish media to its community. For example, one of oldest Jewish newspapers in the United States, The Jewish Daily Forward, has a spectacular website, hosts a dozen different blogs, and maintains a popular twitter account to connect new readers to their message and to the Jewish community.
Yes, change is scary. But it is inevitable, essential and wonderful.
We welcome all of you to join TC Jewfolk in continuing to build a truly interactive Jewish media for the Twin Cities, right here, online, every day. We are your Jewish news source.