Breaking News: Talmud Torah of Saint Paul to Stay Open

The Talmud Torah Board of Directors voted late Wednesday night at a private meeting to keep the Talmud Torah of Saint Paul (TTSP) open for preschool through fourth graders next year despite looming budgetary problems and fears about declining enrollment. The meeting was preceeded by a strong vote of the United Jewish Fund and Council of Saint Paul’s Board on Monday night to support and fund the local Jewish school.
It was a close vote by the Talmud Torah board, and the culmination of months of commentary by parents and community members about the importance of a local Jewish education for their children.
The result was both one of relief and sadness, especially for those who were hoping the school would be able to maintain its upper grades (the school currently enrolls students in preschool through eighth grade). Said said Lisa Cohen, Chair of the Board of Directors, “We are excited to be able to continue offering a TTSP education to K-4 children and yet we regret that we were not able to maintain the viability of grades 5-8.”
TTSP has provided Jewish education to the St. Paul community for 62 years. The school is currently accepting applications for its preschool, Day School and afternoon/evening programs. For more information about TTSP and its enriching programs, visit or call 651-698-8807.
Did you go to TTSP? What do you think about the decision? How will this news affect you and your family/friends?