What the Bleep? This week's Hot News

Jewish Punk Rock? Believe it. Video below.

A lot of crazy %&#* happened in the Jewish world this week. Don’t miss these stories on: the new Jew on the Sup Court, Black jokes about Jews, Jewish punk rock (video), TTSP, more on Obama & Netanyahu, the #ish, and more.
1. We’re gonna have another Jew on the Supreme Court! Hells yeah! I mean, “Elena Kagan Will Be Obama’s Supreme Court Pick: Mike Allen” (Huff Post).
2. Black comic can joke about Jewish in-laws, N.J. judge rules. Philly.com. Thank goodness. I mean, that would be nuts if a court interfered in whether a comic could crack a “Your Jewish momma is so naggy….” joke.
3. Breaking News: Talmud Torah of Saint Paul to stay open. If you didn’t know that from our article this week, you need to read TC Jewfolk more. This is hot stuff, folks! Join the conversation!
4. Oren: Obama did not ‘snub’ Netanyahu. Capital J. Thanks for clearing (wait – no, unclearing) this up. Now we’re even more confused. But happier?
5. Weirdest Jewish campaign ever? Or brilliant social media rave? Federations launch the “what’s your #ish?” campaign. Click the link. Check it out. Let me know what you think.
6. Rabbi Moshe Hirsch, Israel Opponent, Dies at 86. NY Times. (I’m spitting left, right). What’s the correct Jewish way to react to the death of a man who was a longtime adviser to Yasser Arafat, and whose organization violently and nastily protests pro-Israel events and posed for pictures with Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? There’s got to be a Hebrew word for “good riddance.”
7. And just for kicks, and because I love that there is such thing as Jewish punk rock, check out The Groggers singing “The Get.” (for those who don’t know, a “Get” is a Jewish divorce document. That helps with context for the song).