Lebanon beats Israel . . . in hummus making, that is

It has been called the “Third Lebanon War” by Israel’s Army Radio. But the bombs are shaped like falafel, and the hummus is the only thing covering the clothing of the troops.
Lebanon has officially beaten Israel’s Guinness Record for the Largest Plate of Hummus ever. About 300 Lebanese cooks prepared a batch of humous that weighed 10,452 kilograms, according to The Associated Press. Now that’s some serious hummus.
Israel set the record in January with a legendary batch by Jawdat Ibrahim, of the Arab Israeli village of Abu Ghosh, but Ibrahim is not deterred by the Lebanese cooks’ temporary success.
“No matter what happens I’m going to double it. I’m going to show who humous belongs to,” Ibrahim told The Jerusalem Post. Interesting to note that at least one Palestinian website says that this is really a war between Palestinian cooks (since Ibrahim and crew are Arab Israelis) and the Lebanese. In their eyes, the Israelis can’t even win a hummus war.
Listen to the full video report from The Telegraph – thanks for the heads up from the “Religion and State” blog.

Photo: Wikimedia