What the bleep?! This week's hot Jewish news

Israel Apartheid (aka Jew Hatred) Week at UC Irvine. Wait 'til you see the posters.

A lot of crazy $#%@ happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: controversial questions for Jewish justice-to-be Elena Kagan, right-wing Jews go vandalizing, Lewis Black on Glenn Beck’s Nazi bull%$&#, Jew Hatred at UC Irving, Eli Wiesel gets the smackdown and more.
1. Obvi the big Jewish news this week is still our new (hopefully) Jewish Supreme Court justice. Interesting op-ed from Huffington Post on what would be the most controversial question for Elena Kagan. Contrary to the Myth, Abortion is NOT the Most Controversial “Choice” Issue: Words of Caution for Elena Kagan.
2. Everyone’s favorite obscene Jewish comedian, Lewis Black, ranks on Glenn Beck about how much he loves brings up Hitler and Nazis. A hilarious clip from Black on Jon Stewart. “Glenn Beck has Nazi Tourette’s.” Thanks Jewlicious.

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3. Wiesel Smacked Down by Jewish Jerusalemites. Author Eli Wiesel tries to say that Jerusalem is loftier than politics (so F— off pushy Americans who are getting involved in Israeli politics) and then gets smacked down by pushy Israelis.
4. No way. There’s still ONE Jew left in Afghanistan? Thanks for putting a Target on him, CNN. Oh, and did you forget to mention our Jewish troops serving in Kabul? Yeah, there are still a few Jews in Afghanistan. We’re praying for them. They’re fighting for us.
5. UC Irvine Hosts Racist Week of Hate. Again. Jewlicious. Giving me a $%^#ing break. This school’s climate is so anti-Semitic and disgusting. Read the UC Irvine Faculty statement about the hateful atmosphere, the fear the anti-Jewish and anti-Israel students on campus are creating. Then look at the terrible posters splashed around campus and tell me that fomenting hate about Israel doesn’t lead to hatred of Jews.
6. Whatever your politics, vandalism and hatred is not cool. Rabbi and Editor Michael Lerner’s Home Found Vandalized. The Forward. Right wing Jews did this supposedly? Puke. Definitely worthy of a “What the %&$#?”
7. Okay, so my brother saw this video when it first came out two months ago. But I’m not as cool as him. Are you? Check out this hit vid by Hassidic rapper DeScribe called “Harmony.”


(Photo: Courtesy of the OC Task Force)