Kosher or No? Talking Trash about a Jewish Girl Gone Wild

Thanks to my new Google alert for everything that mentions “Jewish” (yes, that’s a heck of a lot of articles each day, but you gotta know what people are saying…), I came across this gem and thought it couldn’t wait until Saturday night’s “What the Bleep” column.
Ilana Angel writes a Jewish Singles column for the LA Jewish Journal called “Keeping the Faith.” Her column on Tuesday was entitled “Tiger Wood’s #1 Whore, Rachel Uchitel, Is Jewish. So What? And Heading To Playboy. Maybe.
Even the word “whore” sounds dirty. And to say it about a Jew? Yuck. But Ilana says it’s deserved, along with many words far worse than that. She starts her article:

Rachel Uchitel, slept with Tiger Woods.  He dug her, and she was his number one gal.  Not sure what that means exactly, but she would have us think it meant that they were in love.  Did he like her because she was discreet?  Did he spend so much time with her because she could keep a secret?  Did he dig her because she was Jewish?  No.  He dug her because he was cheating on his wife, and she was a whore.
When Jews do great things, no one cares.  But when a Jew does something bad, it’s because they’re a Jew.  Who cares that she is Jewish?  Why does that need to even matter?  Does Ms. Uchitel think we will look beyond her claim to fame, and think she is just a nice Jewish girl, who made some bad choices?  Is her being Jewish supposed to make me go easy on her?  If it walks like a tramp, and talks like a tramp, it’s a tramp.  In this case, it just happens to be a Jewish tramp.

Read Ilana’s entire article here, and then add your thoughts in our comments. Does it matter that Tiger’s mistress was Jewish? Do you care? Is it – as they say (whoever “they” is) – bad for the Jews?