What the Bleep?! This Week's Hot Jewish News

Jews for Jesus Founder Dies. Now will his followers finally stop harassing us at bus stops?

A lot of crazy %$#& happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on Eli Wiesel’s threatened lawsuit, Jews for Jesus, anti-Semitism at UW, Protests at Rahm Emmanuel’s son’s Bar Mitzvah, Jewish politicians, and arson at a German shul.
1. Jews for Jesus Founder Dies. Tablet Mag. Now will his followers finally stop harassing us at bus stops? Don’t hold your breath.
2. Report: U.S. Jewish theater shutters Madoff play over Wiesel’s objections. Haaertz. Fascinating – a playwright thinks she’s honoring Wiesel but gets the threat of legal action instead. You can’t blame Wiesel for his reaction – would you want people to see a play all about how you lost tens of millions of dollars, and to Madoff at that?
3. Jewish leaders chastise UWM over recent clash. JSOnline.  A swastika is chalked near the Jewish Student hangout space at UW-Milwaukee. A Muslim student hits a Jew. And the school does… not enough.
4. Israeli Activists Protest Bar Mitzvah for Rahm Emanuel’s Son. ABC News. Can’t these crazy right-wingers get this straight? You don’t protest a kid’s Bar Mitzvah, regardless of who their dad, or grandpa (remember Goldstone?) is. It’s the kid’s day to humiliate himself and become a Jewish man. F–k off.
5. Specter: A Pro-Israel Career Comes to an End. Jewish Exponent. Jewish Senator in Pa. loses the Dem primary after 5-terms in Congress. Really, did he think he could win the Dem primary when he had only been a Dem since April 2009? US Rep Sestak won the primary- here’s his solid statement on Israel.
6. Blumenthal wins Dem Senate nomination days after Vietnam controversy. The Hill Blog. Connecticut Attorney (and MOT) Richard Blumenthal lies about his Vietnam service and then gets the Democratic endorsement for CT’s Senate race. Good luck brother – the Repubs are going to tear you apart.
7. Arson attack on German synagogue raises alert. JTA. Vandals scrawl on a letter left at this synagogue dating from 1034(!) that “until you give the Palestinians peace, we will not give you peace.” What does that even mean? And what if the Palestinians don’t want peace? Will you still firebomb our synagogues?

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