Let's Kibbitz: On Eating Ethically But Not Kosherly

[Ask Shuli is on vacation, so we’re asking you, our TC Jewfolk readers, to answer this question amongst yourselves. Nu, two Jews, three opinions, right? Let’s have it.]
I’m feeling guilty about not eating kosher. I’m Jewish, and actively Jewish. But I just don’t get the kosher thing. Why is it so important to not eat pork or shelfish? “Tradition” is not a good enough reason. A lot of things are “tradition” in Judaism, but that doesn’t get me to follow those rules.
I buy eggs grown at local farms, and chicken raised with love and care and sold at the Farmer’s Market nearby. But I like pork sausage and my pad thai with shrimp, thank you very much. I want to eat ethically, but not kosherly. Is that okay?
And if it’s okay, why do I feel so much guilt?