What the Bleep?! This week's hot Jewish news

A lot of crazy $&%# happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: an Israeli Arab traitor, tea party crazies, Jews united on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, a “one-state” solution, New Zealand hates the Jews and Gingrich on Nazis.
1. Prominent Israeli Arab Leader Faces Unprecedented Charges Of Treason. Philly Bulletin. “Mr. Makhoul, in custody for the past three weeks, has admitted that he provided the Hezbollah terrorist organization with vital security data about Israeli Army bases and with information about facilities belonging to Israel’s General Security Services and Israeli defense industries throughout Israel.” I’m spitting. Puking. You can’t see it. But I am.
2. Jewish groups urge Congress to repeal DADT. Dallas Voice. We may not agree on standards for Kashrut, but the Jewish community is pretty united that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is bull—-. Nice.
3. DfA stands by Winograd after Israel remarks. Ben Smith’s Politico Blog. Are you still getting Howard Dean’s “Democracy for America” emails? Unsubscribe. DFA is standing by its endorsed candidate despite her support of a ‘one-state’ solution for Israel and the Palestinians. Are ya kidding me? How stupid do you have to be to think that would work? Sounds like the DFA should read Jenna Mitelman’s article on TCJewfolk this week about why a Two-State solution won’t even work. Puhlease!
4. New Zealand bans shechita. JTA. What? So if New Zealand has officially banned the kosher slaughter of animals, how are Jews there going to eat? And isn’t that a violation of religious speech? Does New Zealand’s constitution allow that? The article also says that you can’t do kosher slaughter in Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Um, WTF!
5. Gingrich Backs Down From Obama-Nazi Comparison: ‘I Recognize…The Evil Of The Nazi Regime’. Think Progress. “Oops, I exaggerated. Sorry.” Yeah… umm… just a bit? Do you believe him? Forgive him?
6. Tea Party leader Mark Williams rips Scott Stringer as ‘Jewish Uncle Tom’ for supporting WTC mosque. NY Daily News. “Williams countered that Stringer is a “sniviling [sic] worm” and “a Jewish Uncle Tom who would have turned rat on Anne Frank.” What? Who really uses Anne Frank in an insult? What kind of nut job do you have to be?
(Photo: L33tminion)