What the bleep?! This week's hot Jewish news

A lot of crazy %$&# happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories (and videos) on: Jewish World Cup soccer players; Ahmadinejad spews hate, the Helen Thomas’ fan club; klezmer-hip hop star Socalled’s new movie; hateful Brits; Rabbi Raskas and more.
1. Two Jewish SoCal Soccer Players Head for World Cup. Haaretz. To those who think Jews can’t play sports, in two weeks we get Orthodox Rabbinical student and boxer Yuri Foreman in Yankee stadium, and today Benny Feilhaber and Jonathan Bornstein joined the American soccer team to kick British ass (okay, the final score was 1-1, but we didn’t lose) on the field in South Africa today in the World Cup.
2. Temple of Aaron’s Emeritus Rabbi Bernie Raskas died today. Definitely a loss for Minnesota and the world’s Jewish community.
3. Rabbi who filmed Helen Thomas told to ‘go back in the oven’. Haaretz. Yeah, because we really hate it when people expose anti-Semites for what they are. Puke.
4. Rhyme and reason: A documentary looks at the weird and wonderful world of Montreal rapper Socalled.  CBC News. Klezmer and hip hop? Only Socalled can do it. Read the article, or check out the trailer for his new movie, premiering this weekend in Montreal.


5. Ahmadinejad says Israel ‘doomed’. In case you were starting to like him…
6. Soliciting murder accused pair are ‘proud neo-Nazis’. BBC. The men wrote internet postings telling people to kill Jews. Excuse me? WTF!

7. A neat message for all those Jews who say some of us aren’t really Jews. The song/video is “Ani Yehudi” or “I am Jewish.” Bordering on hippie, but it’s still neat. Watch it (w/subtitles):


(Photo: woodleywonderworks)

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