What the Bleep?! This week's hottest Jewish news

Elton John in Concert

A lot of crazy %$#& happens in the Jewish world each week.
Don’t miss these stories on: segregationist protests in Israel, Elton John in Tel Aviv, UC Irvine, Jewish mensches, 36 under 36, the PR Director for Hamas, Hotdog legal wars, and German neo-Nazis.
1. “The Lost Jews.” Jerusalem Post editorial. This week has seen protests, political and military action in Israel akin to what black families saw in the American South during forced integration of our schools. An Israeli Supreme Court ruling that the Hasidic Orthodox Jewish community in Emmanuel has to allow darker-skinned Jews (read: Sephardic) to mix with lighter-skinned Jews (read: Ashkenazic) has ignited an very disturbing uproar in the Jewish state. If you read nothing more, read this editorial.
2. Elton John Rocks Israel After Other Artists Cancel. NPR. He said the cancellations by other artists (like Elvis Costello) wouldn’t stop him from playing Tel Aviv’s sold-out crowd.
3. The New York Jewish Week just published their list of “36 under 36” – Jewish young entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries. Pretty amazing stuff. Get inspired.
4. Don’t miss AISH.com‘s satirical interview with the PR Director for Hamas.


5. German neo-Nazi legislator suspended after calling Israel “Jewish terror state”. World Jewish Congress. And how is it that this guy is a legislator? WTF!

6. UC Irvine suspends Muslim student group. JTA. After the school-sponsored organized coordinated anti-Israel protests among other things disrupting the talk by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, it sounds like change is finally coming to UC Irvine. At least officially. I wouldn’t be surprised if the student group starts up in another form – if they don’t need school money to support their cause, why not organize their events without the school’s vote of approval? Thoughts?
7. Kosher Hotdog Stand At Citi Field Suing Mets Over Shabbos Sales. Yeshiva World News. Okay, hilarious, except not. Legal scholars – weigh in on this one in the comments.
8. Kyrgyzstan Jews pitching in to help violence-torn region. JTA. Because we’re mensches. Need I say more?
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