What the Bleep?! This week's hot Jewish news

Play, Daven, and Stay Cool with the Yamulkap

A lot of crazy &%$# happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: the kippah with a cap, decoy Jews, fraud charges, Abramoff’s pizza, Ortho Rabbis on Kagan, and Palestinian counter-productivity.
1. You know it’s bad for the Jews when… “Dutch police use ‘decoy Jews’ to stop anti-Semitic attacks“. Telegrah UK. Yeah, I had to read that twice too. As in the Dutch police are dressing up as Orthodox Jews to catch violent anti-Semites. Fabulous.
2. Shvitzing under your kippah? A Manhattan Jewish entrepreneur is taking matters into his own hands with a kippah with the rim of a baseball cap to keep you cool. He’s calling it the “yamulkap.” No kidding. Read all about it. “Yarmulke Too Hot? Manhattan Inventor Has a Solution.” WSJ’s Metropolis. Buy your own Yamulkap here.
3. A fraud charge leads to a 27-year sentence for Agriprocessors’ chief. Too harsh? Some say hes. “Supporters Decry ‘Horrifying’ 27-Year Sentence For Slaughterhouse Chief.” HuffPost.
4. “Palestinian Jobs in Settlements: Vital, Illegal.” Aol News. A new Palestinian law makes it illegal for Palestinians to work in Jewish settlements. That means 25,000 Palestinians workers will be out of the job. Counterproductive and stupid? Just a bit.
5. “Orthodox rabbis say Kagan not kosher for Supreme Court.” Huliq. Umm…. since when has whether the Senate approves a Supreme Court Justice had anything to do with Jewish law? Or Jewish opinions about a Justice’s “sexuality.” Did this Rabbinical association weigh in on our other Jewish justices? Or do they just have a (kosher) beef with Kagan?
6. Convicted lobbyist Abramoff working in pizza shop. Jweekly. Well, isn’t that what you’d do after getting a fraud conviction? Bury yourself in pizza? But really, weirdest story ever.
(Photo: Yamulkap Blog)