What the Bleep?! This week's hot Jewish news

A lot of crazy %$#& happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: Bikini models protest, Hamas’ son, Yeshiva High, anti-Semitism, Jews on guns, kibbutz pig-farming, rap videos and more.
Bikini Models Protest Vodka Ad Ban in Brooklyn Hasidic Jewish Communities. Fox News. Okay, I’m including this just ’cause the image is so fabulous.
‘Son of Hamas’ to be granted asylum. JTA. Nice.
Cities’ only Jewish boarding school to stay open. Strib. Yeshiva High in Minnesota is going to survive, says the Strib (but what’s the news on Talmud Torah?).
Group Hit In ‘Hebrew Race’ Discrimination Case. WCVB Boston. A jury in Boston found that a homeowner’s association was discriminating against Jews in housing. Pretty amazing that this %$#* still happens.
First Jewish reactions to Supreme Court gun decision. The Jewish Week. The ADL and the Reform movement weigh in. What’s your thought – is the 2nd amendment Jewish?
Israeli pig-farming kibbutz draws religious ire. BBC. Shocking, um, no. Interesting, yes.
Oil as a Jewish Issue. Jewish Journal. “There is a direct line between the flotilla of propaganda that took to the Mediterranean at the behest of Hamas and the floating oil that has poisoned the Gulf of Mexico at the hands of BP.” Woah.
Kagan cracks Jewish joke at hearings. Jpost. Love it. Kosher or no?
And – I’m really curious to see what you think of this video, entitled “Fuck You” by the political rap duo Mazzi & Sneakas. Add your thoughts to the comments. Too offensive? Or just enough to get you thinking?


(Photo: Phrenologist)