What the Bleep?! This week's hot Jewish news

Women of the Wall activist Anat Hoffman before her arrest, arm-in-arm with Twin Cities resident Laurie Radovsky

A lot of crazy &%#$ happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: chair of Women of the Wall arrested (with video), Clintons in the Jewish news, Mickey mouse Nazi art, Emmer and the Republican Jewish Coalition, and Aaron Gleeman on dining in the suburbs.
1. The chair of Women of the Wall is arrested for singing with a Torah in her arms and a talis on her shoulders at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Watch the video of the arrest below, and see if you can pick out local MSP Jew Laurie Radovsky (and listen to her tell off the security guard, warning him not to make Anat drop the Torah). Want more information about the Women of the Wall? Read Anat’s interview withe the Forward’s Blog “The Sisterhood,” soon after her arrest. Or “Like” their Facebook Page.


2. A lot of Clintons in the news. At Jewish outreach event, Clinton jokes about being MOTB (politico), and US Jews wondering: Will Chelsea Clinton convert? (Ynet), and Clinton appeals for US Jew held in Cuba (Jpost). Not everyone’s happy though – Jewlicious blogs about why Clinton picked THAT Jew to plea for…”Sec. Clinton Makes Plea For Wrongfully Imprisoned Jew“.
3. Art, sex, politics, or just stupidity? Mickey Mouse with Nazi symbol ignites Polish anger. (AP). You decide.
4. Local sports blogger (and MOT, in fact, an MOT I went to Hebrew school with), dishes on Seinfeld and good eats if you’re looking for French-Asian fusion (whatever that is) in Eden Prairie. Restaurant Review: Mix Fusion Bistro (Aarongleeman.com)
5. In case you’ve been living in a hole, or don’t know any waiters, you might still think – as Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer did (does?) that waiters make over $100,000. Sound weird? Read all about it. For whatever reason, Emmer used an otherwise friendly event (I would assume) with the Jewish Republican Coalition to bring up a non-issue (wages for waiters) and make it into the biggest gift the Democratic party has seen in a while.
(Photo: Women of the Wall)