What the Bleep?! This week's hot Jewish news

Code Pink is boycotting Ahava products. Just makes me want to buy more of it.

A lot of crazy &*^% happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: a controversial rape conviction in Israel; a Boston Rabbi accused of child molestation; Mel Gibson’s latest craziness; mud-slinging at Ahava; conversion in Israel, and celebrations for Jewish love day.
1. Israel’s ‘Rape by Deception’ Verdict Belies Racism. The Sisterhood Blog (The Forward). An Arab married man who told a 1. single and 2. Jewish woman that he was 1. single and 2. Jewish in order to have sex with her when he was actually 1. married and 2. Arab has been convicted of “rape by deceit” and sentenced to 18 months in prison. Racism? Maybe. It’s hard to accept any other understanding, really. Of all the articles I’ve read on the subject (many of which use this as an opportunity to lambast Israel on other counts), I’ve been most impressed with the Sisterhood blog’s coverage, and balance of this issue. Thoughts? Add ’em in our comments.
2. Boston Rabbi Accused of Naked Mikvah, Multiple Child Molestation Charges. Heeb. The author makes an interesting point – we’re used to these allegations being lobbed against Catholic priests, but our rabbis can actually have sex. And are encouraged to do so in the confines of committed relationships before G-d, yadda, yadda. So what’s with this sick rabbi?
3. Mel Gibson Wants to Bust Jewish Knee Caps. Heeb. Because we needed another reason to stop watching that schmuck’s movies…
4. Code Pink: Slinging Mud and Hate at Ahava. The Sisterhood blog. Code Pink is trying to get stores to boycott Ahava because the products are made in an Israeli kibbutz on the West Bank. No wonder their hands are so dry and brittle. Okay, okay, but really, this is B.S. Makes me want to go out and buy some of that dead sea mud to rub all over my feet right now.
5. Tu B’av, the Jewish love day (yes, there is such a holiday) started at sundown tonight. So join JDate and make your Bubbe happy. I promise, there are good lookin’ Twin Cities Jews on the site (I should know – that’s where I found mine). Or at least check out this funny Tu B’av dating video from Jerusalem:


6. Israel’s controversial conversion plan shelved. Seattle Times. For now. But give it 6 months and the bill is likely to raise its divisive head again.

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