Chewing the Fat – Let’s Talk Marketing

I’m beginning my stint as marketing chair on the Minneapolis Jewish Federation Young Leadership Executive Committee, as well as continuing on the marketing committee of the Federation. So marketing to the people is on the brain. Lucky for us, PC, contributor to my articles in the past (remember Chewing the Fat – Easter vs. Passover), is also a marketing guy.
JK: Okay, PC, lets talk marketing, specifically marketing to Young Jews.
PC: First let me say that “Young Jews” is a great band name, they’d be some sort of techno klezmer band.
JK: Right. But it would be spelled ‘Jung Jews’. Oy, it would make the mothers kvell.
PC: That sounds more like the ‘Freud Jews.”
JK: [insert groaning sound here] PC: Let’s start basic, what is the challenge you are trying to solve for?
JK: The Federation, not just Young Leadership, is always struggling to communicate that the Federation raises money so that it can be allocated to so many needs of our community, both locally and abroad. Those needs are greater now than ever, and without the Federation’s support, or even reduced support, many beneficiaries may not be able to provide the level of assistance the community needs.
PC: So it’s like they aren’t giving money to the Federation, they’re giving it through the Federation in order to help many more individuals and organizations than any individual contributor could do?
JK: Wow PC! I think I can see the beginnings of some little payos sprouting on either side of your head.

PC: You think? And I thought that was just my natural curl and the fact that my barber retired back in January and I haven’t found new one yet. But that’s not important now. What is the overall objective at the Young Leadership level?
JK: Really we have two objectives. We talked about the first objective, explaining the important work the Federation does. The other is to get people involved, get them coming to our events, networking, socializing. This has worked for me.

PC: Really? How many dates have you found there?
JK: Never mind that. Of course both of those focuses hopefully lead to what the Federation is here for, and this is to raise money; we want the people to give money… preferably lots of it, so we can help lots of people.
PC: Dude, give me 20 bucks.
JK: What for?
PC: The PC Lap Dance Fund.
JK: Label your lap dance fund a community need and I’ll take it to the allocation committee and see what I can do. You should ask for $2,000, it worked for the Republican National Committee.

PC: Hey now! Don’t lash my pony to that wagon. So what is the core message of Young Leadership?
JK: Okay, just off the top of my head, how about… “Give, you fat [shmuck], don’t make me tell you twice.” In fairness, I’ve been watching a bunch of Sopranos re-runs lately.

PC: That’s one option; it’s direct and definitely targeted.
JK: Now you know why they picked me to be marketing chair.
PC: You made them an offer they couldn’t refuse?

JK: Yeah, wrong mob boss, but you’ve got the idea. Thanks for the help with the core message, I’ll keep working on that offline. Let’s switch gears and talk about social media. It’s all the rage among the young people, you know. You’re on Facebook, right?

PC: No

JK: Twitter?

PC: No

JK: Adult Friend Finder?

PC: What? No!

JK: Perfect, you’re not Jewish, not quite in our age demographic…

PC: Hey now!!

JK: …and don’t participate in social media, so you’re the perfect person to ask… how should the Federation and similar organizations use social media to reach the young Jews in this town?

PC: Fear. Fear generates buzz. Buzz generates tweets and wall postings. Tweets and wall postings generate hurt feelings, damaged friendships, and car accidents. Hurt feelings, damaged friendships, and car accidents generate guilt. Guilt opens wallets. What do you think?

JK: I think you’ve got a warped perspective on social media. The Federation is not about fear mongering. Honestly, it’s about generating hope and a sense of social responsibility.

PC: Okay smart guy, what do you think about this social media stuff?

JK: I never think Twitter is never the answer, I only use it to read Sarah Silverman and Stephen Colbert tweets. I wouldn’t sign up for Federation tweets, even if I was the one sending them. Facebook is being used pretty well in Young Leadership, mainly for events, and some posting of pictures and other things. Not sure if there is room to step that up or not, but I don’t think so.

PC: Come on. Give me something original.

JK: How about if I use a popular local blog to talk about the Federation message, but in a way that doesn’t come across as preachy or schmaltzy, and thinly disguised as a general comedic marketing dialogue? Of course I’d need a good co-writer.
PC: Well, that could work, but count me out. I don’t want any part of your silly social media manipulation bullsh*t.

JK: No. No. I’d never involve you in such a thing. Anything else?

PC: Dude, give me 20 bucks.

JK: I’ll give you a $20 if you give $40 to the Federation.

PC: Hey now!