What the Bleep: this week's hot Jewish news

Lindsay Lohan has a hot new ISRAELI girlfriend!

A lot of the crazy %^$& happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: Local Rabbis in the Sisterhood 50, Chelsea’s wedding, a mosque near ground zero, Lindsay Lohan and her hot Israeli girlfriend, Hamas’ crackdown on panties and more.
1. Temple Israel Senior Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman, Twin Cities Rabbi Amy Eilberg, former Mt. Zion Co-Senior Rabbi B. Elka Abrahamson (now with the Wexler Foundation) named two of “The Sisterhood 50: America’s Influential Women Rabbis” by the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper. Pretty sweet. The top 50 list was compiled after people noticed that Newsweek’s Top 50 rabbi list had only 6 women on it. Read the full list here and get inspired.
2. Lindsay Lohan is Dating an Israeli! (female). Bangitout.com. Lindsay Lohan and an former IDF soldier. That sounds like every Jewish man’s idea of… well… yeah….
3. Chelsea Clinton is getting married tonight to MOT Marc Mezvinsky. The newest big question (according to Capital J)? Will she dance the hora? Read more about the wedding on TCJewfolk – You know you’re at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding when… And just ‘cuz it’s cute that this is “news” in Rochester, MN, read the Post-Bulletin article about a different Jewish wedding “Mazel tov! Hasidic Jewish wedding is a first for Rochester.”
4. Is the ADL on crack? Jewlicious. The author asks “Has their recent press release that opposes the building of an Islamic Center in downtown Manhattan undermined decades of good works?” Read the dirt, then add your thoughts to our comments.
5. Hamas Cracks Down on Panties. Jewlicious. No comment. Just read it.
6. Oliver Stone’s Remarks on Jews in Hollywood Show He’s Out of Touch, Execs Say. FoxNews. from the article – “When asked why the Holocaust has been focused on so much in film, he said, “The Jewish domination of the media.”” Seriously? WTF!
7. Big Brother Cast Member: Shomer Shabbat, Kosher, Frum! Oy Veh! Bangitout.com.
8. Young “Jewish” Money “Remix” (Free Download). Jewlicious. Which makes me think of…N.Y. Rep’s Spokeswoman Fired for Providing List of Opponent’s ‘Jewish Money’ Donors. FoxNews (but Fox is not the only ones pissed off). The ADL got POed too, but “accepted Rep McMahon’s apology“.
(Photo: Javier Arturo)