What the Bleep?! This week's Jewish news

A lot of crazy $&A% happens in the Jewish world each week.
Don’t miss these stories on: a potential mosque at Ground Zero (week 2); our new Jewish Supreme Court Justice, local Mazal Tovs; Gay nuptials; and another reason to hate Iran.
1. Former Harvard Dean Elana Kagan becomes our next United States Supreme Court Justice. Read Jenna Mitelman’s article about Kagan’s admiration for Israeli Supreme Court Justice Aharon Barak, HuffPost’s piece “Elena Kagan: Plessy vs. Seventeen Magazine” or Jewish comedy site Bangitout.com’s piece “Top Ten Signs the Person you are Chatting with on Jdate is Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan.”
2. Local Jewish sports blogger (and my Hebrew school bud) Aaron Gleeman reaches the 8-year milestone on his sports blog and keeps on going.  (she whistles) Damn! L’Chaim and Mazal Tov.
3. Gays can marry in Cali! Sweet! The Jews weigh in. “Prop 8 reversal riles, pleases Jewish groups.” (JTA).
4. In case you thought Iran was a friend of the Jews… check this out “Iran Presents: Holocartoons.com” (Jewlicious) and “Iranian website mocks ‘Holocaust lie’” (Jpost). Supposedly the new anti-Semitic piece-of-$%^# website is funded by an Iranian cultural foundation. WTF! Are you kidding me?
5. Rachel Hutton on City Pages’ Hot Dish writes that just a mere months after the fire that destroyed their restaurant, “Heidi’s coming to Lyn-Lake, Stewart Woodman shares details“. From Strength to Strength, right?  I wonder if we can score Opening Night seats?….
6. And in the backlash against the ADL criticizing the mosque to be built at Ground Zero, all the other Jewish orgs are chiming in. From the WashPost’s “On Faith” blog is “Why Jews should support mosque near Ground Zero.”
(Photo: Margo Love)