What the Bleep?! This week's Jewish news

Yum. Another reason to visit L.A. this winter.

A lot of crazy #&$% happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on Jews and giving money; Adolf Hitler the kid; fake Muslim graves; anti-Jewish scammers; New Zealand loves Jews again; and a kosher taco truck.
1. How have the Jews who took the Gates Giving pledge given ‘Jewish’? Fundermentalist. Would you give the majority of your wealth to charity? What if you had millions or billions of dollars? Check out how these Jewish donors are “taking the pledge.”
2. Adolf Hitler Is Up for Adoption. Heeb Magazine.  It is not OK to name your kids Hitler. Um… duh!
3. If Not Now, When? – Y-Love for GRN. Jewlicious. Y-Love recorded a track for the Gulf Restoration Network, produced by Diwon, the track is an audio fundraiser helping to bring awareness to the Gulf Coast Oil Disaster and a call for action to help rebuild it! Visit http://shemspeed.com/dl/grn and donate. Here’s the video for the track.


4. Prosecutors: Real-Estate Scammers Targeted Orthodox Jews. Metropolis blog. Now that’s definitely a WTF! A $200 mill. real estate fraud targeted against Jews. Anyone smell a madoff?

5. For the next time you’re in L.A…. eat out at “Takosher.” Jewish taco truck? It’s true! Jweekly.  Yum!
6. Shechita resumes in New Zealand. JPost. Thank goodness. So Jews in New Zealand can be Jewish again (if they want to eat kosher). Thank frickin’ G-d. Literally.
7. Muslim graves or a dummy ploy? This week saw this news come out – Israel bulldozes Muslim graves in Jerusalem – and then the follow up – Destroyed Muslim graves in Jerusalem were ‘fake’: Israel. WTF – are you kidding me? What kind of freaks plant fake graves to draw attention to their cause… oh.. um… yeah.
(Photo: Takosher.com)