What the Bleep?! This week's hot Jewish news

Heeb (print) Magazine is Dead.

A lot of crazy ^%$* happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: Heeb Magazine is dead, a Jewish “Gold Digger” Glee parody (with video), plays Jews shouldn’t travel to, sex with Drew Barrymore, tweeting Jewish hospitals, and more.
Shop Speaking Tevye’s Language Needs Rich Man’s Aid. NY Times. The last secular Yiddish bookstore in NYC is about to close unless it gets your help. So give it a kopek.
Speaking of closing… Um… Woah. Heeb Magazine is Dead. Jewcy. Read Heeb’s official announcement on their blog – So Much for Controlling the Media.  Jewcy makes an interesting point – have the hip Jewish blogs like Jewlicious, Jewcy and TC Jewfolk replaced a need for hip Jewish print mags? Add your thoughts in our comments.
Maybe you’ve seen and listened to Glee’s “Gold Digger” or, maybe you’re a loser like me, and you totally missed that episode (watch it here online). In any case, you better not miss the National Jewish Outreach Program’s parody of Glee’s song, Rosh Hashana makes your soul bigger. It’s frickin’ awesome. (Thanks HuffPost for the heads up)
Drew Barrymore – Jewish Couple Upset About Hamburger Cook-Off On Barrymore Film Set. Turns out the Orthodox Couple who owned the house the filming was taking place in (aside – can Drew Barrymore please film something in my house? OMG!) was totally cool with the sex scene on their dining room table. The problem was the cooking of unkosher burgers on the grill. Seriously? Oy.
Jewish Hospital live tweets double-hand transplant. Med City News. That is soooo cool. BTW – did you know that Mayo Clinic is schooling all the hospitals in the country about how to use social media in medicine? Yeah, Minnesota rocks.
Think we could learn a few things from the Holy Land? Yep. Israel: Arabic to Be Taught to Fifth-Graders. NYTimes.
And in case you’re planning on visiting Europe, stay away from… Lithuania (Pig’s head left at Lithuanian synagogue) and France (Report: French synagogue gets letter with death threats, bullets). &^%$. Really? Ugh.