You Know You're Not Ready for the High Holidays When…

Mhmm.... Apples and honey... and pancakes

Rosh Hashanah starts on Wednesday night and I’m getting ready to make our annual fabulous apple crisp. Are you starting to think up fun things YOU could do with honey and a few well-placed apples? Ya better be.
But just in case you’re doubting your holiday prep level, here, from the kickin’ Jewish comedy site, are the “Top Ten Signs You are Not Ready for High Holidays“:

10. Pesach tin-foil still covers your kitchen cabinet
9. You are still getting over the trauma of going home last year and explaining to your Bubbe why you are still not married
8. Haven’t done anything really worth atoning for yet this summer
7. You are having a hard time remembering if you actually sent in a check for last year’s Yom Kippur Appeal
6. Can definitely think of at least 5 people who you are so not ready to forgive
5. “Summer Lovin’ Happened so fast” Unfortunately the same can’t be said about Rosh Hashana davening
4. Haven’t yet figured out how to explain to your boss that you are going to be out sick every Thursday and Friday for the next month
3. Don’t have enough material to sustain three 3day yom-tovs with your family
2. You are high right now, dude
1. Really not into to everyone’s Facebook status changing once again to: “Shana Tova!” or “Have an Easy and Meaningful Fast!”

Not yet sure where you’ll be celebrating the High Holies? Click here to find services (and meals) open to students and young professionals, regardless of your financial situation.
(Photo: Jeffreyww)