What the Bleep?! This week's hot Jewish news

Hebrew sign language goes online. Cool.

A lot of crazy ^%$& happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on Israel on Twitter; America’s next top Jewish model?; founder of Herzl Camp dies; our favorite Minnesota twin kicking a–; a creepy-sounding new Palestinian media campaign and more.
1. “America’s next top (Jewish role) model? Me thinks not.” Jewlicious. Think this girl has a chance at America’s top model? Think it matters that she’s Jewish? Sounds like the web is buzzing about the fact that she’s willing to ditch Shabbos for modeling. Does anybody really care? (watch the clip below – note, it’s PG-13).
2. “@Israel is now Owned by Israel, Bought From Pornographer.” Jewcy. I love it when countries get social media savvy. I wonder who owns @Hezbollah and @Hamas? Maybe Israel should buy those to and tweet on their behalf like @bpglobalpr did?
3. “Valencia continues to show he belongs.” Star Tribune. We’re kvelling Danny. Nice homer on Saturday.
4. “Palestinian officials launch ‘smiles campaign’ in U.S. Jewish media.” Haaretz. Abbas is coming to the US on a “smiles and appeasement campaign” – WTF is that? Sounds like the Palestinian version of “shock and awe” meets the “Smile Train” organization that fixes kids’ mouths. Just sounds weird, really.
5. “Cecelia Rose Waldman, Herzl Camp founder and Temple of Aaron secretary, dies at 91” American Jewish World. May her memory be a blessing.For those of you who grew up in the midwest, this is a big deal. Herzl Camp in Wisconsin.  Ah the memories. “Here’s to dear old Herzl, we’re so proud of you….”
6. “Jewish terms on new digital sign language ‘pictionary’.” JPost. That’s awesome. When does the Yiddish version go online? I can’t wait to see sign language for “putz.”  What Hebrew word do you want to know the sign for? Let us know in the comments.
(Photo: daveynin)