What the Bleep?! This week's hot Jewish news

A lot of crazy &$^% happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: J Street’s a–kicking, the Nature of Existence (the movie), Tefillin Barbie, Hells Angels, sticky notes, and hot Jews.
J Street’s getting its a– kicked. By the press (Jewish and non) for lying about getting money from George Soros. By those of us who think it’s a bit odd that half their funding comes from a random woman in Hong Kong. Even the Obama administration is looking at them sideways. And now a new controversy – a connection between J Street and Goldstone? Maybe I should go to AIPAC Policy Con this year… (BTW – Josh Block of AIPAC has weighed in on this issue, noting that AIPAC only accepts money from Americans. I like that. It’s honest.)
Ever ponder the nature of existence? I mean, really, what’s the point? Filmmaker Roger Nygard (of MN origin, and way, way back somewhere, some Jewish roots – hey, we’ll take him) is bringing his bold new documentary “Nature of Existence” to the TC to town this week. Check it out at the Parkway Theater in Minneapolis, now thru Oct. 7th. Watch the preview here.


Now you can be a filmmaker just like Roger. Or try to be. Jewlicious just kicked off their 2011 Jewish film competition.

Best story of the week? An old guy beats up a Hells Angel in England for calling him a “F—ing Jew.”

Buy your Tefillin Barbie

Tefillin Barbie. Not a joke.

MOTs Bite the Dust: Hollywood star Tony Curtis. And the oldest living Jewish person (at the age of 111). May their memories be a blessing. And may we all live to be 111. Wow!

She doesn’t look Jewish. But we’ll take her.

Hollywood’s big stars pull out all the stops with a $1000 a pop fundraiser for Israel. That’s neat, and all, but what were they wearing?????

Remember our article about Israel’s cookbook for pork? It’s finally being published. Now will any bookstore in the Holy Land carry it? That’s the real question. Harry’s Food and Cocktails in Mpls is dead. Okay, so that’s not Jewish news. But the naked dancing sculpture outside is so zaftig that it feels Jewish. Harry’s or no Harry’s, that sculpture better stay. Speaking of food, it’s Restaurant week this week in Minneapolis, so check out the best restaurants in town, and get yourself a cheap(er) meal. Skip the pork – leave that to the Israelis and their cookbooks.
And last but not least, in case you need to start jotting down your “shall nots” on sticky notes.

(Photo: HaSoferet)