What the Bleep!? This Week's Top Jewish News

I Now Pronounce You Wife and Wife

A lot of crazy &^$% happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: Keith Ellison’s haters; Jews and pot; Anti-Semitic news anchors; cruise ship trash talk; the gay nuptials freak out and more.
An “anti-hate” group is hatin’ on Rep. Keith Ellison, saying he shouldn’t be on an anti-anti-Semitism task force. Shut the Bleep up. We’ll take all the anti-anti-Semitism folks out there, whatever their religions/nationalities/ backgrounds.
Well I guess selling pot is one (stupid and illegal) way for a Jew to get by in a bad economy… But really? Oy.
Jewish couple booted from cruise ship after fighting back against an anti-Semitic comment. Get ready for the legal papers!
Thanks to CNN for firing another anti-Semitic and stupid news pundit. R.I.P. Rick Sanchez.
Freaking out over announcing gay nuptials in Jewish newspapers: the flap, the apologies, the backlash. Read about it, folks, and add your thoughts to our comments.
Vote for the coolest Jews in the U.S. for Forward’s Top 50.
PJ Library goes to Israel. Yeah for Jewish books!
I love it when Jewish women are on top.
A few less Jews in Obama’s  White House. Will it matter? Read the article and weigh in below.
Now that’s one kick ass Israeli.
(Photo: Marc Love)