What Does "Forever Young" Mean to You? Local MOT Gadi Rouache Starts the Conversation

Every once in a while, we at TC Jewfolk like to give a shout-out to local Jews (some of whom have left our lovely TC, but we hope will return, and bring their awesomeness back home) who are shaking up the world somehow – with their art, their music, their politics, and their passion.
Gadi Rouache is one of those former TC Jewfolk (he’s now in L.A.) who just awes us. His slogan?

Art the Change You Wish to See in the World.

His most recent creative project? A music video released this week entitled “Young With Us Forever.” Artistically shot, it captures his passion for NYC, and his love of all things “young.”  Gadi wrote the lyrics as a direct response to Jay-Z’s “Young Forever.”  The song features MaryBeth Doran and was produced by Josh Green/Greenhouse Records.

Watch it and get inspired (you can also download the mp3 here).

Then join the conversation – on TCJewfolk, or on Twitter (use the hashtag #YWUF). What does “forever young” mean to you?


Why did he create the video? Gadi explains the film’s “story” on his website:

Check out Gadi’s other creative projects at Gadi Productions.