What the Bleep?!!! This week's hot Jewish news

Um. WTF?!!!!

A lot of crazy $^&% happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: Jimmy Carter and Hamas, gay immigration issues, crazy Israeli rabbis, hipster Hitler, ballsy Jewish billionaires, Israeli college student dancers and more.
An Israeli rabbi (oh and the head of the ultra-religious Shas party) lets it be known that non-Jews’ purpose in life is to serve Jews. Um, what? What’s he smoking? And is it legal?
Want to have a loving, committed partnership to another person of the same gender who happens to have non-citizen status?  Move to Israel.
Hipster Hitler? That %$^& is ^$%&ed up.
Now that takes balls. Billionaire’s widow says her hubby never promised $18 million to Chabad before he died.
And what the heck is Former Prez Jimmy Carter doing talking to Hamas about kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Can’t he just build Habitat Humanity houses and stop talking to terrorists?
Hmmm… not sure this video makes me want to go to school at Netanya Academic College in Israel. Was that its goal? Thoughts? Maybe makes me want to hide in shame – crazy looking Jews in costumes lip synching to Lady Gaga. WTF?


And in case you thought there ever is going to be a “two-state” solution, Palestinian leader Abbas makes it clear you’re imagining things.

(Photo: HipsterHitler.com)