Pretty Little Details: Flirty, Feminine Fashion

For the past few months, I feel like flipping through the pages of Vogue, W, Elle, Vanity Fair and the like is not entirely unlike arriving at a party and when your hosts open the door for you to enter, it’s like you’ve woken up and it’s 2006.
Fall 2010: We’re into frugality, but we’re tired of looking like it.
Case in point: Leather pants are in, the Bulgari lions are on the prowl everywhere you look, and big hardware is dripping from handbags.
No, this is not where I empower you to wear leather pants.  Or shorts with tights.  You’ll need to look elsewhere to find an enabler for those sorts of shenanigans.  But the little details have returned in a big way – draping, ruffles (NOT the kind that make you look like you’re drowning in fabric), pleats, stitching and such.  If you want to continue with the unstructured look, by all means do, but not because you’re suffering for lack of options.
So, this is the portion of the show where I pick out some of my new feminine favorites for under $100.  Some of them are toeing the line and others are just bargains, plain and simple.

Naturally, I’m always going to advocate for a mix of the new and the old – if you’re putting a ruffle on one half of your body, pick a clean and structured line for your other half.  But, don’t be afraid to play with color. All shades of blue are “in” this season, so if you’re tired of camouflaging yourself in navy, feel free to play around with brighter, lighter blues to enjoy something more energetic while still looking appropriately “winter.”

No accent is too bold, no fabric is too luxe for skirts this season.  Whether they’re made with brocade, are appliqued, or are draped with layers of sheer fabric, there’s something on-trend for every taste.  If you’re looking at a shorter hemline, don’t hesitate to throw on a pair of tights.  Personally, they’re not my scene because I always manage to snag them before I walk out the door.  But, who am I to hold you back?
(Photo: pgorrindo)