On Election Day: A Prayer for Voting

Today is Election Day! Get out there and vote!  But first please take a moment to read this awesome prayer for this momentous day, that I received via email yesterday from Beth El Synagogue in St. Louis Park.

A Prayer for Voting

Here I am ready with my vote to seek peace for this country, as the Prophet Jeremiah said: “Seek peace for the city to which I exile you,” Help me choose wisely that the vote I cast lead to blessing and prosperity for this Land.
May it be good in Your eyes, Adonai my God and God of my ancestors, that you give a heart of wisdom to those whom we choose today. Give to us and to all the peoples of this country the strength and will to pursue righteousness and to seek peace. Raise up a government for the sake of goodness and blessing for all your people Israel and for all the inhabitants of the world.
Just as I choose leaders and officials today so may I recognize my own responsibility to repair the world in the days to come. Then will the words of the Psalmist come to pass, “May God bless the work of my hands, May God truly establish the work of my hands.”

(Photo: Rob Boudon)