What the Bleep?! This Week's Hot Jewish News

Vandals Destroyed this Menorah at Northwestern U's Chabad This Week.

A lot of crazy &^%$ happens in the Jewish world this week. Don’t miss these stories on: the Brandeis double-take; election craziness; Jews that make us look bad; anti-Semitism is alive and well; tough Israeli chicks and more.
So, obviously the biggest WTF this week in Jewish life (or any kind of life) was the election. A few post-election thoughts: Jews voted 66% for Dems (less than in the past) and was Israel a factor? Or just the economy? Lots of Jewish legislators were up for reelection, and Capital J covered the big wins and losses – read their hilarious Jewish election post-mortem.
For your next Birthright trip. How to pick up tough Israeli chicks.
WTF – these Jews are making us all look bad. Child porn collectors and blackmailers (and it doesn’t help when they’re a rabbi).
Anti-Semitism is alive and well. Look at this &$^%: an attack on Northwestern U’s Chabad Center; a businessmen rejects Jewish “blood money”. No wonder the Feds are expanding protection for Jewish students.
UNESCO makes an ass of itself – protecting Muslim holy sites and ignoring Jewish ones. Way to go.
And on Israel, Mass. proves its a little more kooky than the rest of us. My former stomping grounds of Somerville and Cambridge pass one-sided resolutions that “forget” the complexities of the Arab-Israeli conflict; and speaking of complexities – is anyone shocked that Brandeis is hosting Noam Chomsky and putting together an Israeli Occupation Week? Um…. WTF? And this is from our country’s Jewish university?
(Photo: TribLocal and Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein)