What the Bleep?! Crazy Snowfall Edition

Glenn Beck's rants step over the line.

A lot of crazy &^%$ happens in the Jewish world each week (and I’m not just talking about the insane pile of snow we all had to shovel out this morning).
Don’t miss these stories on: A rapper turned Rabbi; Jew-hatred in London; Netanyahu screws Obama; Stealing Money from Holocaust survivors; Glenn Beck’s Soros rant and more.
A gangsta rapper turned Orthodox Jew and rabbinical student. No freakin’ way.  But it’s true. Welcome to the Tribe.
British study shows how common hatred of Israel and Anti-Semitism is in MAINSTREAM British culture. ^%$&.
Jewish protesters interrupt Netanyahu’s speech at the Jewish General Assembly conference – read the Point (by one of the protesters) and Counterpoint on Jewlicious.  More interesting than the protesters (in my humble opinion), is the Haaretz Israeli newspaper’s editorial critiquing Netanyahu’s speech for how it treated Obama, and lectured the Amerians.  Pretty interesting.
New study shows that women working in the Jewish community make less than men working in the same organizations – by about $20,000 a year. WTF!
Totally cool article about an first Arab Israeli officer – and how some think he’s a traitor.
Hillary says stop building settlements – it hurts the peace process (um…what peace process?).
Now there are some legit reasons to not like George Soros (his comments that he’s not a Zionist, for ex), but Glenn Beck and others lying about his actions as a 14-year-old boy trying to survive the Holocaust is disgusting and embarrassing. Shame on you Glenn Beck! And those of you regurgitating his bull-%^$# too.
Speaking of nut jobs, who the &^$% steals money from Holocaust survivors? WTF!
Another Rabbi gets convicted of something – this time, extortion. Stop it!  You make us all look bad.
(Photo: Gage Skidmore)