Minnesota Mamaleh: About Twitter and Guacamole

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So I signed up for my newest time-suck, Twitter, last week. Don’t be too shocked that it took me this long. I held out with Facebook, too. And MySpace passed me over without me ever knowing the difference. But after a few gentle nudges (I think it went something like. “E-mail is so old school!”) I decided to jump in and give it a try.
And while I’m still muddling through the new lingo (Hashtag anyone? Seriously. Anyone?!), I have to admit that I’m loving the instant information overload. I am so in the know. Like that whole Amazon bit? I was all over it.
I knew that it was going to snow last weekend before my kids ran in at the crack of dawn to make the official announcement. And I also knew that people are all up in each other’s choices. Again.
I do realize that I didn’t actually need Twitter to tell me that truth but with penises and the golden arches making the news? Tweets were a-flying and how could I possibly not pay attention?
I want to talk about the happy meal ban. The forthesakeofthechildren! argument just made me want to scream. It’s just…not. For the children, that is. It’s for the soap-boxers. Because eating at McDonalds and playing with cheap, plastic-y, annoying toys isn’t going to make our children forget everything that we’ve taught them at home.
And that, my friends, is the rub. It’s not about whether you breastfed or co-slept, organic-ed or drive-throughed every once in awhile. It’s about what you do at home. On the day-to-day regular. Once upon a time I read that the biggest influence on how and what kids eat? Is what and how their Mama-figure eats. Soooo, no pressure or anything…
But really, no pressure. Go to McDonalds. Play with cheap plastic that your kids (and mine) consider the epitome of goodness. And talk to your children about healthy choices, portion sizes and treats. It scares me to think of blaming our health and our choices on a restaurant. And you know what else scares me? Modeling that kind of lack of accountability to our children.
Like at our house, I adore take-out nights. Seriously adore them. But not for the free packets of soy sauce. I adore them for the yummy food and the lack of dishes and kitchen duty. But at the very same time I, for sure, see the value of whole foods and nutritious meals made with fresh ingredients. And that’s what we eat most days.
I think that much like us, kids can distinguish the special fun of fast food from their everyday meals. Especially if we talk to them about it. But bad food choices and negative relationships with food? Those don’t come from little plastic toys. We all know that, right? Right?! In fact, do I dare say that some bad relationships with food actually come from things like bans, controls and blanket NOs?
So Twitter has already enriched my life in so many ways. In addition to Amazon, snow, McDonalds and circumcision (Who knew we could connect all of those topics with one short, albeit loose, thread?), I came across a little gem known as National Guacamole Day.
Now I do realize that guacamole is not a Jewish food. But simply delish food is so-very-Jewish. As is sharing recipes and passing them down family member to family member and friend to friend. Blog to blog fits in here, too, doesn’t it?  Dipping, shmearing and enjoying food is just about as Jewish as it gets.
So guacamole? Yeah, it’s on our list of love and love some more. To the point that our kids call it “guac” and can not only identify it by sight and smell, but can also distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly. And best of all? They can help make it.
While Jason prefers a spice packet (shudder, I know), my recipe is just about as simple as it gets. It’s basic and quick and I defy you (Yes defy. All attitude-y like that.) to make it and not eat it all in one setting. But I promise to not offer up a toy on the side as an incentive to do so!

Mash several avocados

Add some pressed garlic

A little fresh lemon juice

A pinch of salt

And some fresh, diced tomatoes

Then quick! Dig in before your 'lil brother beats you to it!

So the gems that are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and even old school email have made us all so-very-much more knowledgable about the big bad world and what’s going on in it.
But they have also made us awfully quick to take passionate stances on things, and make BIG news out of them. We also seem to be turning some of those things, stances and news into odd opportunities to heavy-handedly influence and enforce what are actually other people’s personal choices.
On the other hand, if we’re all talking about children, nutrition and guacamole, there’s still something right in this world. At least the conversation (And the guacamole! Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that one.) are on the table.