What the Bleep?! This Week's Hot Jewish News

A lot of crazy &^$% happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: Orthodox Jewish pot, Jewish holy sites are mosques, Harry Potter’s burial place, the nagging Jewish mother iPhone app, and more.
Orthodox Jews in Berkeley selling pot.
United Nations’ latest anti-Israel Bull-&^$^? UNESCO declares Jewish holy sites Rachel’s Tomb and Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarch as mosques. Oh yeah, and Abraham wasn’t a Jew. Just in case you were confused, by the whole Torah thing. Um… whah?
And from other people who hate Jews… crazy people stole the Kristalnacht memorial from a German cemetery, “peace-loving” Palestinians throw a cement block at a passing Israeli car and fracture the driver’s skull and face, and an Arab-Israeli man tries to stab a Jew to prove he’s a “good Arab.”
U.S. State Dept report says Israel’s preference for Jewish holy sites, religion, etc, makes it like Iran and Sudan. Come again?  Interesting question for the comments, folks – does a Jewish state necessarily mean a totalitarian state?
News of the weird? Harry Potter is buried in Israel. Well, one Harry Potter….
McRib meet the Hanukkah Meat Sandwich. Woah.
Because you didn’t already think everyone on Fox News was crazy, Roger Ailes, their “news” chief reports that “left wing rabbis” make it difficult to use the term “Holocaust” on the air.  And calls NPR Nazis.  Someone needs a dash of AP history. And maybe a big smack to the head.
On AIPAC, porn, legal troubles, and animated videos. Let’s see you try not to click on THAT link!
And finally, want a Jewish mother to nag you? There’s an app for that.
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