Shine In These Looks For The Festival of Lights

Because our holidays are only ever early or late and never on time, we need to get our head in the game – Hanukkah is right around the corner (and with it, a slew of awesome Hanukkah parties). The good news?  We can work spur-of-the moment impulse buying to our advantage with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Jewish Family and Children’s Services of Minneapolis Annual Benefit – 12/4/10

Lord knows we all need a reason to look pretty.  From personal experience, I can tell you that despite my ardent love of cocktails, I know that I don’t don cocktail attire nearly often enough.
For winter soirees such as these, you can go for flash, or something that you would be inclined to wear more than once or twice per season.  So long as your appearance comes off as having put a true effort in, whatever frock you throw on will look perfect for the moment.
A note of caution: Even though the weather ain’t warm, probably avoid full-length gowns to prevent a prom-sort of look from overtaking the event.  If you’re fretting about what to do with your legs, add a pair of black tights.  They’ll slim your silhouette and keep you warm.

UJFC’s Young Leadership Black & White Hanukkah Party – 12/4/10

I know that some people are really on board with destroying the “No White After Labor Day,” rule, which works if you have an incredible stash of white clothing that you buy during the summer months.  Or, if you snap it all up on clearance at your department store of choice’s Labor Day Sale.
Judging by what’s in stores right now, The Rule is still alive and well, my friends unless you’re looking for a blouse to sport in the workplace.  So, if you’re going for a crisp white, be prepared to beg, hunt or borrow.  Otherwise, be comfortable accepting that your fate lies in oatmeal, cream, winter, wheat, or bone.
If you’re worried that you’ll be a theme-buster without heaps of crisp white to wrap yourself in, use black as the base for your outfit and accessorize with white.

NOAZIM (Mount Zion 20s/30s) Annual Hanukkah Party – 12/6/10

Wearing blue and white for Hanukkah.
Or navy and bone/oatmeal/cream/wheat for Hanukkah, as it were…
Cliche?  Maybe.
But when you’re grabbing a drink with friends in a casual setting, cliche is cozy.  And at this time of year, warmth and familiarity are what we crave.  If you’re not down with warmth and familiarity, by all means, feel free to step out of this situation.  I wouldn’t want to lead you astray.
Above all else, remember to look lovely and stay warm!