What the Bleep?! Jewish "Turkey" Day Edition

It's Jewish, you TURKEY.

In honor of Thanksgiving, this week’s What the Bleep is taking a look at the biggest TURKEYS in the Jewish news this week. Don’t miss a chance to poke at the stupidity of these folks:
1. Palestinians who say the Western Wall isn’t Jewish. If I wasn’t so frickin’ pissed off, I’d die laughing at that craziness.
2. Jews who join white supremacist groups. A Jew has to be pretty dumb to ignore the fact that whoever the mutual enemies may be, skinheads still hate YOU.
3. College students who boycott humus. Yes, now that’s a really effective way to help bring peace to the Arabs and Israelis. Just about as effective as me sending Hamas terrorists Hanukkah gifts.
4. Anti-Immigrant political parties that use naked women in advertising. The sex factor doesn’t set off the stupid factor.
5. Israeli political leaders and other high profile folks who sexually harass and assault colleagues and co-workers. And yes, I realize that Americans do this to, as do people of all different backgrounds around the world. But it still sucks when another brainless Jew makes the news.
6. Anyone who does anything with swastikas, especially making a big one out of chairs in a synagogue parking lot.
Got any more? Add them to the comments.
(Photo: Julien Menichini)