DiaTribe: There's No Shlock On Jewish Rock Radio!

After having been on a spiritual journey, a reawakening, if you will, after what seemed like a very long hiatus, it’s nice to know that there’s a place to go, online, that digs those spiritual roots even deeper.
And what’s more, it even carries a tune.
That place is Jewish Rock Radio. And, boy, does it lives up to its name.
In a music industry lacking social responsibility, accountability, and filled to the brim with dime-a-dozen “talents” peddling mysogeny and hate as art, it comes as no less than a breath of arctic air listening to music that actually has—gasp!—soul.
Initially, I will admit, my skepticism was high and my expectations were low, fearing the worst, that my eardrums would be attacked with a barrage of, well…shlock rock. (Oh, come on! Don’t tell me you were thinking it, too!) And for the record, I hate the band of the same name. In fact, hearing it played on cassette tapes, back during my days at Hebrew school, was a form of torture, akin to waterboarding.
Yet, as I sat down to listen to the online radio station, I was quickly surprised by how much I enjoyed listening to its dizzyingly eclectic array of featured Jewish artists, such as the lively, energetic quartet that comprises Blue Fringe, as well as the sassy salsa of DeLeon. I also enjoyed the inspiring, lovely vocals of Josh Nelson, who some could probably compare to Josh Groban.
Most impressive of all, in the Featured Artists section, was Canada’s Jewish answer to Moby, known as Socalled (real name: Josh Dolgin). His single, “(These Are The) Good Old Days,” is defies description. Seriously, go check it out.
I mean it.
Right now.
I can wait.
Moving onto the emerging artists section, the lovely Hannah Spiro was, by far, the best of the bunch, with a single entitled “Wherever You Go.” Her rich, velvety voice—very reminiscent of a young Janis Ian—so full of emotion and life, made me nearly get weepy. What can I say? I’m tell ya true: Deep inside this hairy teddy bear (hobbit? Maybe?) of a man lies the heart of a 13-year-old school girl. Don’t judge!
In addition to Miss Spiro was Abbie Silber. More of a Jewish Inspirational singer than a rock or pop artist, she was in fine vocal form with “Or Zarua.”
Honestly, I could mention a thousand more artists getting airtime on Jewish Rock Radio, but what would be the fun in that? Go see—or listen—for yourself. Like me, you might just find yourself taken by surprise and lifted to high spiritual heights.
And hey…there’s no waterboarding necessary. That is, unless you’re, ya know, into that kinda thing.