What the Bleep!? This Week's Hot Jewish News

Jewish women breastfeeding toddlers? The debate rages. What do you think?

A lot of crazy ^%$& happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: Kissinger’s anti-Semitism?, Palestinians in Jewish apartments, breastfeeding toddlers, and Germany is a mensch.
Good news. The WikiLeaks show that Syria doesn’t hate Israel as much as Iran does.  Well, we’ll take what we can get.
Concerned about the fire in Israel? Don’t plant a tree.
Should Jewish women breastfeeding toddlers? The debate rages. Is 2 1/2 years old too old to just be drinking breast milk and no solids? Um… duh! But what do you think?
Jewish complex in East Jerusalem (with synagogue, daycare, community center, apartments, etc), may be purchased by Arab owners. Outcry results. But makes me wonder, if Jews don’t let Palestinians live in their apartment buildings, aren’t they just as bad as the Arabs pushing Jews out of their neighborhoods?
Jews talking about gassing Jews? Kissinger’s ancient quote is a mistake he may not be able to live down.  And yet, the flipside of Kissinger’s press this week has been his efforts to SAVE the Jews. Read more.
Legislators say, Obama don’t support the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state. How will (and should) Obama respond? Read more and add your thoughts in our comments.
Germany donates $80 million to preserve the Auschwitz death camp as a memorial to ensure that “never again” do we allow another Holocaust. Now that’s awesome.
That’s %$^ed up. The honors scholarship coordinator at Indiana University is one of the anti-Semitic guys arrested for vandalizing Jewish places at the University. Doesn’t sound too smart to me.
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