I'll Be Home for Christmas

Can I publicly admit that it took me over 3 hours tonight to put two and two together to figure out why we’re having Chinese food for shabbat dinner this week? Admit that I didn’t even think about the time-honored tradition of eating lo-mein and catching all the new flicks that are opening in the theater. Or about the fact that Indie Jews‘ fabulous Dec 25th Jewbilee is on hiatus this year because Christmas eve falls on Friday night. Yup, I was busy thinking ‘Chinese food certainly sounds easy for all of us getting together but really? No gefilte fish for shabbat?!‘ and then planting my palm on my forehead after I finally made the connection. Oy.
I got to thinking – what will others be doing to celebrate this Friday/Saturday? Chicken or brisket as usual? Asian-inspired meal at home after lighting shabbat candles? Heading out to one of our city’s amazing restaurants that will be keeping its doors open? Are you staying at home on Saturday or catching a flick while the theaters are a little less full? Doing something completely different and unexpected?
Before you answer that question, you might want to check out this post at Frum Satire to see what’s kosher and what’s not when Christmas falls on shabbat (Note that the blog has the word ‘satire’ in its title. Fair warning). Or watch the video below multiple times. Hilarious PG13 comedy from Katie Goodman of Broad Comedy. (Thanks to our friend Leah over at Jewesses with Attitude for passing along this 4:42 hilarity break that she found at Heeb).


(Photo: Scott Waldron www.dslrninja.com)