DiaTribe: When Israel Meets Jamaica

“Israel Meets Jamaica” is one of my favorite lines in the new hit song (just wait… it will be in the clubs before you can say “hey-oh”) “Livin’ for the Grind” by Hassidic rapper DeScribe, inspired by Bob Marley’s “One Cup of Coffee,” and “blessed” by Marley’s son Rohan.  The song (just released 12/22) is the new world-wide theme song for Rohan’s sustainable organic coffee company Marley Coffee.
If the coffee is even close to as good as this music is awesome, I’ll buy it.
Listen to Marley Coffee’s music video featuring “Livin’ for the Grind” and talking about how the partnership formed between DeScribe and Marley to make the song:


You can listen to and download a copy of “Livin’ for the Grind” here!
Why did DeScribe make this song? He explains:

“I don’t know anyone in the world who hasn’t been influenced by the Marley family in some way. When I met Rohan we had this organic connection which was both spiritual and musical. I learned more about the mission of Marley Coffee and was touched by it. Every song I compose comes from an experience that moves me. Marley’s mission is one that is important for the entire world: it’s about responsible farming, stopping pesticides and giving back to the earth that gives so much to us. The Marleys are all about good vibes and music is the best medium to relate the mission and the vibes”.

If this is your first introduction to DeScribe, it better not be your last. DeScribe’s signature sound has been described as a unique blend of Hip Hop, Reggae, and R&B.  All of his songs have a strong spiritual ethos, influenced by his strong Jewish observance (he follows the teachings of Chabad Chassidism and the Lubavitcher Rebbe), and he sees music as a medium to awaken the human soul. Check him out on Myspace.
As for this song? As I sit here sipping my coffee on Christmas morning, it may become my new theme song…. “one cup of coffee and I go….”