Most Popular Posts on TC Jewfolk 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Jewfolk!  It’s time to break out the bubbly, crack open your laptop, and look back on an exciting year of fascinating, engaging and entertaining articles on TC Jewfolk.
In case you missed them (or want to read them again), here are ten of TC Jewfolk’s Most Popular Posts in 2010:

  1. A Jewish Girl Walks Into a Church…” by Jenna Mitelman
  2. Bacon & Lox: Jewish Deli Virgin Gets Deflowered” by Jason Kapel
  3. Love Thy Neighbor: The Jew Who Saved Christmas” by Nina Badzin
  4. NYOTB: Jews With Tattoos?” by Jennifer Slate Grischkan
  5. Top 10 Rules if You’re Dating a Jewish Woman on Valentine’s Day” by Leora Maccabee
  6. So, which one of you is their REAL dad?” by Rabbi Michael Adam Latz
  7. Minnesota Mamaleh: High Love, High Control” by Galit Breen
  8. 50 Things We Love About Being Jewish in MSP” by TC Jewfolk staff & writers
  9. TIME Magazine Takes On “Them Thar’ Rich Uncaring Jews” by Jenna Mitelman
  10. Not Your Grandmother’s Hadassah” by Joanna Lowinger

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(Photo: Mooi Hsieh)