What the Bleep!?! New Year’s Edition

Western Wall on your iPhone?

A lot of crazy ^%$& happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: the Western Wall on your iPhone; Katsav’s rape conviction; Natalie Portman to wed, UMadison’s Jewish football star and more.

Former Israeli president Katsav convicted of RAPE. Um… unbelievable. Can’t imagine how this country would be freaking out if this was our president. I mean, we get our share of affairs and trysts in our oval office, but rape? Crazy.

Jon Stewart named The Daily Beast’s smartest person in 2010. We love him. Make us proud Johnny.

Praying in shul in Minnesota not enough for you? Get the just-released “Kotel Application” app for your iPhone and you can put a prayer in the cracks of the Western Wall, virtually.

In honor of New Years… here are the top 10 moments for Jewish women in 2010; and the Top 10 Jews of 2010.  Think they hit ’em all? Add your additions to the comments below.

Israel is joining the energy market with this week’s discovery of a national gas field, what has been called “the most important energy news since the founding of the state.”  Sweet.

Natalie Portman is preggo, and now officially off the market. Mazel Tov to baby daddy Benjamin Millepied (not a Jew, but man can he dance…).

The Badgers didn’t win the Rose Bowl tonight (booooo), but MOT co-captain Gabe Carimi is still hot stuff. Check out the Jew who lead UMadison’s football team to the Rose Bowl.

In another stupid and offensive move by rightwing Israelis (this time from rabbi’s wives instead of the rabbis), dozens of rebbitzen are telling Israeli girls not to date or marry Arabs because of the terrible things that could happen if they do.  While there may be some truth to some their allegations, the question is whether such a letter does more harm than good to Israel’s reputation. What do you think?

Should Hillel’s Jewish campus presence include Jewish Voice for Peace, a disruptive anti-Israel campus group? College kids are weighing in on both side: In favor (of JVP); and Against.

And in case you thought Anti-Semitism was a thing of the past: a swastika is painted on a synagogue in Pittsfield, Mass.