Offensive, Anti-Semitic Website Not the Ticket for Jews, Human Race

“Thank you very much for getting the tickets here on time…I really enjoyed doing business with you…” – Edward P, Fort Lauderdale FL
“I am a repeat customer. I used your site for Yankees tickets this season. You did a great job and had them delivered to the hotel, it was a great experience…” – Sharm S, Provo UT
“You guys so rock! My boyfriend loved the show! I’m a loyal customer forever…” – Adela B, Grand Prairie TX
Somewhere, American journalist/essayist, H.L. Mencken, is smiling—ear to ear.
After all, he was the prickly gent that said that “no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”
After coming across, a website designed to sell tickets at (har! Har!) cheap prices, it is clear that the cantankerous writer couldn’t have been closer to the truth.
As a Jew—hell, as a member of the human race—you walk through your days, bathed in the comfort of what is known as the status quo.
We wake up, do our jobs, eat our meals, and go to bed—not knowing that somewhere, maybe even right next door, someone is hating you, your people, everything that you stand for…if, that is, you stand for anything at all.
The people quoted above are actual customer testimonials, taken from this disgusting site, which, adding insult to injury, sports as its logo an utterly charming ticket with the name of the site, as well as a yarmulke and peyos (side locks) to boot!
Well, heck! All it needs now is a yellow Star of David patch on its shoulder (Wait! Do Jewish tickets have shoulders? Gosh, I guess the brilliant ad wizards missed what must be, to them, a glaring opportunity to make yet another stereotypical jab!), in order to make the whole thing kosher (get it?! Ha…ha…ha).
It’s hard to believe such clear-cut anti-Semitism exists, and goes unanswered for, but hey, let’s face it: How often do we let a quick Jew joke pass our ears without notice? How many times do we make jokes about our own religion, at our own expense? “Self-deprecation,” we call it. Hey, black people call each other “the ‘n’ word” all the time. Why shouldn’t we be able to do the same? I mean, isn’t it okay to make hateful, stereotypical statements about ourselves, about each other?
Sure! But it doesn’t make it right.
This website, as far as I’m concerned and as far as you should be concerned (hey, no pressure!), is a travesty. It’s an insult to Jews, all around the world, as well as a giant gob of phlegm in the face of those Jews who we’ve survived.
The main culprit in question, for those interested in contacting your nearest Anti-Defamation League (and we urge you to please—pretty please!—do!) branch, is one Steve Masterson, the company’s President—er— führer. Does the man have a First Amendment right to have such a filthy, obscenely offensive website? Sure! Hey, this is America, The Free Country, where just about any ignorant prick has the right to make a buck from a schmuck, even if the yuck-yuck (emphasis on “yuck”) marketing campaign is at the expense of a whole people.
But as Jews, we owe it to ourselves to stand up against it. We owe it to ourselves to expose hate mongers like Masterson for what they are: Little men with even smaller things on their mind.
Ya know, being a film buff certainly has its perks, especially when it comes to having an arsenal of quotes on hand, for nearly any occasion. At this time, I can’t think of a better one than the following:
“At my order, unleash hell.”