What the Bleep?! This Week's Hot Jewish News, the Sarah Palin Edition

She just doesn't get it.

A lot of crazy $#^& happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: Sarah Palin and the blood libel, Congresswoman Giffords on Israel, Glenn Beck and the Jews, Arabs in Israel, deceptive billboards and more.
Sarah Palin’s dumb-ass use of the word “blood libel,” one fraught with pain to the Jewish community. Palin called journalists’ comments against her and other conservatives a “blood libel,” a term solely used throughout history to refer to the terribly wrong accusation against Jews that they kill Jewish babies and use their blood in Matzoh. And Jews were slaughtered because of that accusation for hundreds of years.  Especially to use this language in conjunction with her comments about the attempted assassination on Jewish congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords is reprehensible.
And because it’s still funny two years later… or not…


While you’re praying for the health of Congresswoman Giffords (may she live to be 120), read this article about Congresswoman Giffords’ passion for Judaism and for Israel. Pretty remarkable.
Jewish Funds for Justice tries to get Glenn Beck kicked off Fox News. Good luck with that one.
Jews for Palin? Not in this country. JewsforSarah.com is registered abroad. WTF!
A major East Jerusalem apartment complex is going to stay Jewish, thanks to pressure from Jews around the world. A Palestinian investor was going to buy the property to sell all the apartments to Palestinians.
Too many Arab refugees in Israel? Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu thinks so. What do you think? Add your thoughts to the comments.
New mag for “Jews of Color“. Sweet!
Deceptive anti-Israel ads hit billboards in California (and elsewhere?). Happy Israeli and Palestinian families but the message? End U.S. military aid to Israel. Yeah, that’s how we can protect our strongest ally in the Middle East – cut her off from essential military aid and support so that she is destroyed by the surrounding Arab nations. Brilliant.  Ads sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace and American Muslims for Palestine.
Israeli government cracking down on lefty political groups for terror ties. Woah.

Any other crazy Jewish/Israel news? Post it in the comments below. I’m sure I’ve missed something….

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)