What the Bleep?! This Week's Hot Jewish News

A lot of crazy ^$&% happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on: the battle of the musical Jews, an American national service, the Palestinian state’s flag in DC?, Rubashkin redo, and more blood libel craziness.
It’s the battle of the musical Jews. Check out Jewcy’s Jew v. Jew take on Minnesota relic Bob Dylan v. Lou Reed.
A U.S. general advocates what Israel has always had – a national service for all Americans. What do you think? Americorps or the military for all of us?
A flag is raised for the non-existent Palestinian state in Washington, DC and US Congresswoman Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen says doing so is BS, manipulation, and an attempt to derail peace. J Street applauds it and attacks the Congresswoman. What do you think?  Capital J has the full back-and-forth on this newest attempt by J Street to make a statement on the Israeli-Arab conflict that just, hmmm, doesn’t make them seem that “pro-Israel,” and the fall-out from J Street’s attack on the Congresswoman.
Bias in Iowa kosher meat manufacturer Rubashkin’s sentence? The ACLU thinks so, and is joining the clamor for a new trial.
No way. New York Jewish Film Festival debuts “Romeo and Juliet in Yiddish” where all the actors are from Brooklyn’s chasidic community, current members, or those who have left. Fascinating. Hope it comes to MN.
Palin’s not the only politician to use Nazi and murderous references to talk about health care. This week’s dumb-a– comment comes from Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen. Does it make a difference when the comments are made by a Jew?
(Photo: 3arabaway)