Despicable or Respectable? FOX's Bowl Ad Rejection

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As many of you may have heard, FOX has refused to air a Super Bowl ad for, a discreet matchmaking site meant for individuals looking to cheat on a spouse. The network stated that Standards & Practices deemed the spot “not acceptable.”
In other words? Not yenta approved.
Having grown up a NJG (Nice Jewish Girl) I’d have to say that FOX is making the right decision. As a Conservadox Jew, I grew up learning that the Jewish faith views marriage as a beautiful, personal and sacred commitment. And I married my husband with that in mind. Judaism recognizes that marriage may not be easy. That’s why one of the foundations behind a successful marriage in Judaism is shalom bayit, or peace in the home. This is the idea and practice of preserving a level of harmony between a husband and wife. This can only be achieved through mutual respect, compassion, and compromise. I promise cheating is not, and never will be, a part of that equation.
When I was listening to the radio on my way to work the other day, I heard the following three arguments from some AshleyMadison supporters (or FOX opponents). Here they are, along with my two-cents:

Why does a network that airs shows such as Family Guy now want to take the moral high ground?

My two-cents: Whether you think Family Guy is a moral show or not, you can’t compare it to a commercial. Airing a commercial that is trying to get people to do something immoral is not the same as airing a show that depicts fictional characters doing immoral things.

While this ad may glorify and support cheating it’s no worse than the plethora of Super Bowl beer commercials that promote drinking.

My two-cents: I agree that beer commercials glorify drinking but here’s my thought on this one: An individual can drink responsibly but a person can’t cheat responsibly.

It’s ironic that they won’t air this commercial during one of the largest sporting events of the year when professional athletes themselves are notorious for infidelity.

My two-cents: This argument has absolutely no legitimacy. Yes, it’s true that professional athletes tend to stray. It’s also true that Charlie Sheen seems to enjoy cocaine and prostitutes. Should we start showing commercials about that during Two and a Half Men? I think not.
After thoroughly analyzing the situation I’d have to say I give two thumbs up to FOX for not airing this ad. I’d also have to say that this was likely a smart and calculated move on the part of AshleyMadison. They knew the likelihood of FOX agreeing to air the ad was slim to none, but they also knew the rejection of the ad would get them the press they needed. And boy, were they right.

So what do you think? Am I right or completely wrong?

(Image: Katie Tegtmeyer via Flickr CC)